Acura College Graduate Program

Study hard, play hard. Acura would like to reward graduates and student within 6 months of graduating a gift for all of your hard work and dedication. Acura believes in education and certainly wants to invest in those who go the extra mile to obtain a college degree. We know that books and tuition are expensive so we want to alleviate your expenses by offering you an excellent deal on a 2023 or newer Integra, TLX, RDX or MDX vehicle (excludes PMC vehicles). The Acura College graduate program allows for students and graduates to get the new car they desire at the best deal possible.  

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To help you look the part, Crown Acura Richmond near Fort Lee, Colonial Heights and Petersburg, would like to offer you $500 towards any 2023 or newer Integra, TLX, RDX or MDX vehicle (excludes PMC vehicles) when your purchase or lease through Acura Financial Services. Take advantage of benefits such as a 90 day first payment deferment, convenient finance and lease packages, and let's not forget the opportunity to build a strong foundation for your credit.

Client Qualifications:
  • Eligible client has graduated within the past two years or will graduate within the next six months with a doctorate's, master's, bachelor's or associate's degree from a U.S.-accredited college or registered nursing school.
  • Eligible client must provide a copy of a diploma or college transcripts as proof of graduation eligibility and all other documents required by AFS.
  • Eligible client meets Acura Financial Services (AFS) credit criteria and signs an AFS retail finance, Acura Luxury Lease™ or Acura Leadership Purchase Plan® contract.
  • Eligible client must be listed on the AFS contract as the primary buyer.
  • Lease: $500 is applied towards the capitalized cost reduction of the vehicle. Monthly payment and total due at lease signing are calculated after $500 reduction.
  • Purchase: $500 is applied towards the down payment.

The following Acura Financial Services requirements may apply:

  • No adverse credit history.
  • Proof of employment or a firm commitment from an employer (verifiable) with a start date no more than 120 days from the date of the AFS contract.
  • Monthly income sufficient to cover current obligations, living expenses and the vehicle payment.

*For well-qualified clients, subject to approval by AFS. Offer excludes PMC vehicles. Only one $500 Acura Graduate Offer per vehicle. Offer cannot be combined with Zero Due at Signing leases. Offer not valid on Acura Certified Pre-Owned vehicles or used vehicles. Offer valid through April 1, 2024 and may be terminated at any time.
Begin shopping for your new car today at Crown Acura Richmond near Colonial Heights, Fort Lee, and Petersburg. You deserve a new Acura for the countless nights that you stayed awake late studying and writing papers. Reward yourself with our College Graduate Program offer. Thank you for choosing Crown Acura Richmond, your local new and used car dealer.